Saturday, August 1, 2015

Birthday boy!



Such a sweet cutie pie.  Brian was about 6 months old in this photo…that had to be quickly snapped because he couldn’t stay sitting up all by himself for very long:


Still a smiley boy at 4…

Brian is 4

Wow, the time has flown by.  Brian is now considerably older…happily married…and he has a wife and teenaged daughter to give him a hard time about getting older!  Spread the good cheer around…Brian has a birthday!!!

Brian, Faith boating

Birthdays are always something to smile about, that is for sure, because that means you are still on the right side of the dirt.  Something else is for sure…Mom needs an updated photo of all three of you together!

Cheers, honey.  We love ya to the moon and back!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

TBT–November 2005


Mae, Sandy

I stumbled across this photo of Mother and me, taken almost exactly a year before she died.  Gosh, I sure miss her.  I’ve been crawling around the family trees recently, and I have sooo many questions I would love to ask her about folks, places, and just a ton of family history questions that will go unanswered.

I sure wish I had paid more attention, written stuff down…but life was always pretty busy…and we always think we have plenty of time left with our loved ones…but there is never a guarantee.  And there is never a second chance, much as we would want one.

So, my Redding clan is having its annual reunion in hawt SOWEGA (that’s South West Georgia, for the uninformed) next month, and God willing, I’m going, armed with my computer, ready to record any new info people want to share.  Also, ready to look up and share any info that I may have, should anyone want to know stuff.

Yep, digging can be fun.  I have found several (previously unknown) cuzns online, and last Friday, MM and I met one of them for lunch.  John (popular name in my family) is a sixth cuzn, but who’s counting?  He is into genealogy, and into sharing, so I have gotten lots of info and photos from him over the years and was delighted we got a chance to finally meet:

Sandy, John Stevenson

I haven’t changed much in 10 years, right?  Ha!

Happy Thursday, y’all.  Keep smiling…and getting older!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Moho Monday


Prius lift

Blog absence just means that the usual ho-hum stuff is going on, so now I will catch up a bit.  Moho Man has been busy designing and refining another project—a lift that he can use to tow the Prius (no, his other hitch would not work for this particular vehicle).  That’s a long story.

Why not buy a tow dolly, you ask?  Sure you did!  Because MM does not do things the usual way.  A tow dolly is an item that has to be removed and stored somewhere when not in use, not always practical in most campgrounds.  He has one; doesn’t want to use it for this purpose.

My engineer left-brain Moho Man wanted something that could stay attached to the Moho, but yet be raised up and clamped out of the way when not in use.  Great idea!  Nothing to store in a different place.  Nothing to go and retrieve every single time you need to get on the road.  He’s about got everything all figured out, but is still perfecting the product.  Stay tuned.  Life is never dull with my guy.

This is my tired guy at a little birthday celebration for Logan yesterday.  Poor thang:

Sleeping Beauty

So, we got the guys over the cobblestones of Paris yesterday, and the Tour is now over till next July.  There are some cheap river cruise deals in France right now, so sez my personal travel agent (MM), but our calendar is a tad too busy to take advantage of them.  France just isn’t on my agenda right now.  MM will just have to get over that disappointment…and get back to work on his hitch, where he needs to be, bless his heart.  We are already booked for a cruise in September, so he can just look forward to that.

Welcome to Monday, where laundry and paperwork are definitely on my agenda, while being entertained by two hummers at the freshly-filled feeder.

Could life get any better than this?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

TBT–May 2006



That’s today’s birthday boy Logan with the wee girls at Arches National Park way back in ‘06.  And Haley, the photographer, of course.  Such a beautiful, fascinating place…just in case you have never been there.  It is definitely worth visiting.

Logan is turning a special number today—that he wants to ignore.  HA.  Like that’s gonna happen!  That’s what families are for…to give you a hard time…but it’s because we love ya!

Happy, happy birthday.  And many more!

Life is good, y’all!  Get out and enjoy it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More FFF

Low country boil

Nephew Jeff and partner Bjarne arrived Sunday evening to a very UN-Danish dinner, a low country boil.  Amy got caught adding the magic to that pile of goodness, Old Bay seasonings.  Bjarne, a great cook himself, was fascinated with the process (cooked in that big stainless steel pot on the R) and curious about the seasonings.  He was also curious about this bit of pole dancing by cuzn Brian:

Brian, Amy

He was actually doing a little electrical assistance for his sister.  Then we had a little hair braiding lesson:

hair braiding

And then we decided the chairs were a little too hard, so we moved next door to cushy chairs, and some fam photos:

Jeff, Bjarne, cuzns, us

Jeff, Bjarne, kids

The guys left yesterday morning, heading up to NC to tube at Deep Creek before going on to visit more family on their whirlwind sweep of the south.  Loved seeing them, and seeing the slideshow of their majorly remodeled summer home in Denmark.  Like in…tore down the old building and put up a new one remodeling! 

Y’all come back now, ya hear?!  Your room is ready, any time.

Life is good when surrounded by family and friends…right?  And it will be even better AFTER a root canal that is happening this morning.  Bugger to that!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Awesome friends


Susan, Johnnie

We enjoyed having Susan and John visit with us last weekend.  They are part of “Team Awesome” Tuesday trivia way down in WPB.  MM and John graduated from high school together, so we have a LOT of history with these two.  Love’em!

Of course we had to take them out on the lake…with grandkids in tow:

Alex, Madison couching

And at the helm:

Will, Jason

Yep.  Get these kids trained now so that they can drive the old people around in a few years.  MM and I actually enjoyed being “chauffeured,” so that we could relax and enjoy the scenery and chat with our friends.  We might get used to that!

MM has finished his bush hogging job and has gone to retrieve his equipment and bring it all back to the shop this morning.  Tonight we will definitely party with the old people—a friend is having an 80th birthday party.  We should be home by 8p, right?!

Life is definitely good here in Paradise, y’all!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Maintenance Man

Dishwasher problems are never wanted, especially three days before guests arrive. Yikes! Where's my kitchen fairy?!

Heck, I've got something better'n that. My own favorite Maintenance Man!

MM didn't need this additional chore, what with him busy bush hogging this week, but he jumped right on it.

It is not a simple keypad problem. It appears to be a motherboard problem. That sounds serious, as in the dishwasher won't be working Sunday when I need it, with the whole family being here.

We will survive. We will resort to paper and plastic to feed our crowd.

Who's coming? Nephew Jeff and Bjarne...all the way from Denmark! They had lunch with sister Carolyn yesterday and are now heading our way, visiting friends en route.

We are expecting 90 today. May the God of the A/C continue to smile on us all!

Life is good, especially now that the motherboard is on the way here!

Happy Friday, y'all!

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