Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rolling home

We all had fun, but we are now homeward bound.

This was a great campground, plus we rode around the lake and found another good one on the north side. Choices! We like that. And, only about an hour from home.

Joan and I did ourselves proud at marbles...and at good food. We need to do this again!

Life's too short not to enjoy it, y'all.

Happy Thursday.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Carters Lake

Carters Lake is a 3,200 acre man made body of water, built and managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It is used for hydropower, flood control, and recreation.

Dan delivered Joan, me, and two kayaks near this swimming area so Joan could give me my very first kayak experience. It was successful...and fun! Even with all the wind, we stayed afloat.

We definitely need to come back to this great campground for a family retreat. The kiddos would love it.

I know, I know. We live on a lake, so why would we leave it? Because Georgia has lots more treasures to check out and enjoy, that's why!

So the new tow dolly worked well except for one teensy error. MM put the emergency brake on during the strapping down process and didn't even THINK about releasing it. The emergency brake controls the rear tires, so he managed to "flat out" a tire by dragging it for several yards on our gravel road. Bless his heart. He won't get fired! And he will replace the tire. Thump, thump goes the tire.

Our weather is fabulous--wake up to 55, warm up to 75-80. Love it. And so far, no bears.

Life is good in the woods, y'all!

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Test run!


Moho new tow bar

MM wants to hook up the Prius to his new invention this afternoon and take it out for a test run.

Wish us luck!

In other news, I wimped out on the pavilion party yesterday.  It was soggy over there, plus more rain predicted, so I opted to move the party to our house…which guaranteed that the expected rain didn’t happen.  Murphy’s Law!

It was our BSP Beginning Day, heralding the new sorority year.  We had 31 folks here.  I was apparently too busy playing hostess to take any photos. Trust me, the food was good and plentiful, and so were the good friends.

Wish us luck…again.  Stay tuned for details!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

River baptism, mountain picnic!


Haley baptised

Saturday was a mighty busy day.  Lil Haley was baptized (along with her cuzn Cort) in the Nottely River by her Uncle Jeff (yay!!!).  Two new (committed) Christians.

Brian, Haley, Faith

Haley's baptism

Clan Bell/Arnold then celebrated at the local pizza place, while Clan Bell/Dyer went to a local retreat place for our church picnic.  Fun, and food for kids of all ages:

church picnic kids

drone flying

Madison, drone time2

Roland, drone

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…no, it is a drone.  Raymond was brave and let the kids fly it, which Madison thoroughly enjoyed.  She wants to go back out there next year!

sing along

Corn hole games, ladder golf, badminton, kids playing chase and four square, and a sing-along…or just sitting, watching, and enjoying.  The teens stayed out at the retreat dormitory for more games, a bonfire, and an overnighter, while us old ppl brought home the wee ones, got them showered (man, were they sweaty), and put them to bed.  With no objections!

Life is good (and never dull) in our mountain paradise!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Mist-er Man


Dick, mister

Maintenance Man has been doing just that recently.  The a/c units at church have been acting up.  I don’t know why, since they are only 20 years old!  Anyway, he would get one unit to behave, then he would get a call that something wasn’t right, and he would go back and tinker again.  He’s good at that.

So, he had to go to the big box store to purchase a few parts, and lo and behold one of those boxes contained something that didn’t go to church and will definitely score big hits with the grandkids:  it is a mister/light/radio player!  And it was majorly on mark down, since the summer is nearing the end, and MM couldn’t leave it sitting there at the box store.

It is all self-contained, but the mega battery needed charging (my job) while he got everything all put it together.

He was pleased as a kid at Christmas when he called me out to come see it with the light shining (not on in the photo), and music playing from his phone:



It works!  And is on rollers, so we can roll it over next door to the pavilion for a party for the big kids tomorrow.  Or put it on the golf cart.  Whatev…MM will get it moved where it needs to go.

Our big night out last night was seeing the Oak Ridge Boys perform at the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds.  The acoustics are good (and loud!), but the seats aren’t very comfy. Oh well… the group performed well in a two-hour, no intermission single show.  They announced that they will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame this fall.  This is a well-deserved honor.  Sing on, boys!

Oak Ridge Boys

So today, we get three chitlins after lunch, and MM and I are taking them to a church picnic later today.

Party animals be us, mountain style!

Who wants to join those chitlins and try out the new mister?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

TBT–Sweet Sven


Summer '15 001

This is Sven, our Swiss exchange student.  I think we were putting him on the plane to go home after living with us from ‘93-‘94.  He sadly died in ‘96, but we all did fly over a couple of times to visit with him and his family in the intervening years, and have been back to see his dad.

We still miss our Sven-ie.

But life goes on, complete with ever so many changes since 1996.  My heart will always hold my sweet, Swiss son in a special place.  He loved, loved Mayberry.  And us.

Good memories.

Share some hugs and smiles today with those you love.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Reunion catch up

MM and I arrived at my cousin Will’s farm, White Oak Pastures, Saturday afternoon to check into one of their four cabins that are for rent.  Before going to the cabin, we got the grand tour of their many farm operations:  cattle, geese, chickens, hogs, vegetables…wow!  It is quite an operation, so go check it out.

Joined later by other cousins and one aunt, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner under the fairy lights at the open-air farm Dining Pavilion.  Even on a hot August night, the five Bad Ass Fans (yes, that is the name!) kept us cool.  Along with ice-cold beer and wine.

The family reunion luncheon feast was in full swing by noon on Sunday.  As predicted, there was food galore.  This, plus a dessert table:

Carly Redding, food table

There were close to 50 folks there, including my two sisters, Nan and Delle:

Nan, me, Delle2

Cuzn Pat and hubby Fred arrived from just down the street in their respective wheels…beep, beep:

Pat Lewis

Fred Lewis

By 2 pm MM and I were northbound, heading back to the cool mountains…with cake, potato salad, and deviled eggs to share with Haley’s offer of a light supper.  Perfect!  Neither of us were very hungry anyway.  This was a great ending to a good weekend.  Plus being back in our own bed.

Life is good…especially when we can gather for a happy event.  This was NOT a circus at all…and we had several first timers there.  I’ve gotta get busy on my family tree stuff.

See y’all again next year, ya hear?!