Thursday, August 28, 2014


Just because this makes me smile!


Alex still can’t find his shoes…his mom had the same problem.

Happy  Throw Back Thursday, y’all!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Comfy kitties and other stuff

To speed up the laundry process (y’all know I am “spring cleaning” everything in the moho?), I threw the mostly dry quilt over a chair to finish air drying and make room for another load.  KC spent all afternoon napping on it!  Bless his heart.  I guess he sped up the drying process a bit.

KC on quilt

We lost a few mostly minor items in the electrical surge (Bee asked about that)…garage door opener and the UPS battery back up (at least we didn’t lose computers!).  It also fried one of those six-outlet surge protector thingies, leaving a definite brown spot on the exterior of it.  It did its job, so there are no complaints about that.  And life goes on…with two happy kitties.


Have yourselves a ginger peachy Wednesday.  Life is mighty fine here in Mayberry.  High paws, y’all!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pop goes the transformer!


EMC truck

I heard a strange *pop* and couldn’t find its source just as we were sitting down to eat our dinner last night.  I ran into the laundry room to check the churning dryer and shut it off because it was sounding very strange.  MM walked in at that moment and asked if I saw the “arc” that just went through the house.  We had a strange power surge.  Um, no, but the dryer smells funny and won’t turn back on, even though all the lights on it are working.

We both go to see what else is wrong elsewhere in the house, just as it goes totally DARK.  No electricity.  Rut roh.  And dinner is getting cold, so we smartly grabbed our plates and headed to the deck and called the neighbors to see if ours is an isolated case.  Yep.  MM called the EMC company, and they had him go outside and check our meter.  D.E.A.D.  Not turning at all.  Heck yeah, the house has NO electricity!

Skinny Joe and big truck arrived and got us a brand spanking new transformer installed and a fuse somewhere else, and we were back in business in about two hours.  Easy peasy…for him.

Handy dandy tip:  keep a solar light charged and ready to bring inside when you have a power outage. solar light It will cast light for many hours, with no candle flame worries with kids and critters around.  Place on top of a mirror for even brighter coverage.  This one is minus the holder (MM needed it), placed in a plastic glass, or use a small jar instead.  It also works well in a camper when boondocking.  You’ll thank me some day.

Have yourselves a bright Tuesday.  I will, grateful that I can continue my laundryfest here at home!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Home, sweet home…and kids!

Either I shrank, or Macey grew taller over the summer.

Macey, Sandy

Amy brought dinner over for all of us last night…Greek Chicken…yum…and hammed it up with the girls:

Amy, Haley A, Ansley, Macey

Dick, Brian and Faith, deep in thought…

Dick, Brian, Faith

Sweet Jason, along with his wee assistant Will, had the moho bay door open, some tree limbs trimmed, and spread mulch around some trees for us.  That makes him my favorite son-in-law for sure (family joke).  Logan has some competition!

Jason, Dick, Brian

Logan and Haley, the photographer (thanks, honey!  I blatantly stole these photos from her FB page).  Birthing a child does come with some extended rights…forever.

Logan, Haley

Boys being boys, the wee ones were out on the deck shooting each other (and dogs) with water guns.  Or upstairs in the play area.  No photos, but they were definitely here and there was no trip to the ER, so everyone lived to fight another day.

Traveling is fun, but there’s no place like home, where kids, kitties, dogs, and chaos reigns.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  This is our normal…where life is good, y’all!  Happy Monday.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Almost home!

We stopped near Kansas City, MO, yesterday and visited with dear friends Judy and Jerry. He was in terrible back pain from a recent fall, but he was a trooper and tried to stand up (idiot) and be if there were NO pain. Stubborn man.

We breezed onward, winding up in Paducah at a rest stop, just ahead of rain. We were thankful for the cooling. It's heating up down south!

It's all good. A few more miles, and lotsa smiles today!

Thanks for tagging along. Feel free to stop in for the upcoming laundryfest, y'all!

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Prairie sunrise

We are up and on the road already. There were so many thunder bumpers going on last night that we stopped at a truck stop and safely tucked ourselves between two big rigs, called it an early evening and hit the sack.

Hello, Kansas. You are a wide state, plus we've passed this way many, many times. At least there is little traffic this early in the morning as we watch this lovely sunrise.

Where will we end up tonight? Who knows, but we are at least heading in the right direction...home!

Miles and smiles, y'all!
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Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday in Grand Lake

Two massages coming up, then we are leaving.

We had a very good lunch at Grand Lake Lodge yesterday, then went into the park. The pine beetle infestation has killed thousands of trees, which was very sad to see.

A bear had created a bit of a traffic jam just as we entered, but we didn't even slow down. We saw the occasional elk and finally a couple of small herds, but they were too covered by trees to be photo worthy. Bugger.

This marmot was clinging to a rock up at the top of the mountain, where it was a brisk 49. And lots of wind. Hang on, little buddy!

Have yourselves a ginger peachy Friday. Life is good, y'all!

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