Monday, March 2, 2015

J is for John!

Look who is back in Florida--Sharon and Allen!

We just had breakfast with these special friends. They head back to Mayberry and cold weather on Sunday.

The sun is shining. Birds are chirping, and my mouth is doing fine.

Life is good, y'all! WYWH!!!

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ice, baby, ice!



It took far longer for the three shots of novacaine to numb my mouth than it did to get the wisdom tooth removed yesterday.  Open wide, insert a block to keep the mouth open, clamp the tooth, pull, repeat the clamping/pulling (it was broken into two pieces), insert gauze, and it was over.  Done.

I was given a list of instructions to take home with me, and off we went.  I pretty much stayed on the couch, applying an ice pack as directed, and kept hydrated.  I was given a prescription for pain if needed (I didn’t), and only took a couple of ibuprofens as suggested.  Easy peasy.  Ice was my best friend…along with MM.  Missy laid down on my stretched out legs, which warmed them up to counteract the chilling of the jaw.  KC, well, he did come around to help (annoy) a couple of times.  Normal!

My jaw is sore, of course, after all that opening and tugging.  I am allowed soft food today, which is a welcome change from the liquid diet of yesterday.  My bowl of yogurt tasted mighty fine!

So MM and I will have a laid back Saturday here in mostly cloudy paradise.  Tomorrow will be an even better day.  We shall begin March with a smile, and carry on!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday fun…NOT!



The good news at the dentist’s office was that the filling on my wisdom tooth was still there.

The BAD news…the wee tooth had broken in two places…and was infected!  And the tooth needs to get outta there.  It is now worn out.  Old and broken.  Creating problems.

Fortunately, the oral surgeon can do it later this morning, so off we shall go to get this bad boy gone!  I started an antibiotic immediately, so getting the tooth out will speed up the healing.

It rained during the night and more is expected today, so I wouldn’t be able to get out and get much exercise anyway.  I ‘spect it will be a sleeping or reading day, depending on how I feel afterward.

Maytag Man and the two kitties will take good care of me, and I’ll be good to go………….soon!

Life is good y’all.  Don’t forget to brush and floss…and take a chance on having OLD teeth.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Open wide!

Enjoy the view out Haley's window back in Mayberry, while I sit in the dental chair here in paradise.

A filling in my wisdom tooth fell out, so I am having that fixed this morning. Thankfully our old dentist is still in business and could work me in. He is a classmate of MM's, so he knows us well and will get me up and going again. Bugger.

Say ahhhh!

Have a ginger peachy day. I will.....but it will be awhile with waiting for the novacaine to wear off. Double bugger.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Motor City concert


Motor City

Last night, MM and I went to a fabulous toe-tapping Motor City concert with Bill, Barbara, Don and Leslie.  The auditorium holds about 1,200 folks, and it was about 90% full. 

The band consisted of two keyboards, two electric guitars, a (great) sax, and drums (played by a kid that appeared to barely have his driver’s license).  They were great.

And the singers—oh boy, were they awesome.  Five guys singing a variety of the great songs out of Motown, mainly by The Temptations, The Four Tops, Smokey Robinson, and Marvin Gaye.

Who can listen to “My Girl” and not tap those toes?  Or dance?

The Temptations are known for more than great songs.  They are known for their choreography, distinctive harmonies, and flashy wardrobe.  Last night’s group did not disappoint in any department.

Bo Henderson, a previous lead singer of The Temptations, was one of the five singers.  Oh my—what a voice!  The evening was over all too soon, but…….Bo invited everyone who want to to come down to visit and pose for photos with the gang, and all five singers sat down on the edge of the stage…….and stayed till (I assume) the last person wanting to visit got a visit.  Very impressive!  Bill, Barbara, and Don all went down for a photo op (we couldn’t get a good photo of that, but the singers are over my shoulder, all in red jackets).  I think I was encouraging Bill to get up and go on down there!

Motor City Sandy

Who says I talk with my hands? 

Bill is gonna be smiling for a week after shaking hands with these guys!  Plus, he picked up some new techniques for his (many) karaoke gigs.

Life is always better when we add a little soul music to our hearts, right? 

Can I get an Amen?  Dial up some tunes today, and tap away, y’all!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

White Mayberry…brrr…

Here is the view to Joan and Dan’s yard this morning:

Crooks yard

And from Bev and Steve’s deck, where the birds are enjoying their early morning breakfast:

Huntoon deck

This is Amy and Jason’s deck and side view:

Henson deck

Pretty, but…it’s too dang cold for us!

There are three kids up there about to go four wheeling in this stuff, so they are mighty happy!  School?  What school!

I will be a good friend and NOT post a photo of sun, palm trees, and flip flops here in WPB…but I will suggest that y’all come on down!!!

It’s Toos-day, so that means that tonight is dinner and trivia.  There is always room for more folks to join Team Awesome.

MM survived rolling over to the big number, and appreciated all his birthday good wishes.  He says that he hopes to have a birthday every year.  I agree.

Make today a good one, wherever you are.  There will never be another one just like it.

Life is good, y’all!  Zoom, zoom…

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Happy birthday, honey!

Dick in shades

Today is a special birthday for my Boy Friend--he is 70!  And he is doing well for his advanced years, bless his heart.

May you have many more celebrations, with me included in them…of course.  Our adventures continue!

Love and hugs, honey…

Happy birthday candles